We are travellers, not tourists, prompted by an urge to travel, to explore new places and meet new people and new cultures. We love travelling by any means: airplane, car, bike, motorbike, foot… We love nature and adventure and we often combine our trips with hiking our mountaineering.

We usually travel light and plan our trips on our own well before our departure. Actually, that entails lots of hard work and studying! But this way we save a lot of money and we are able to adjust our trips to our needs and our programme.

A significant part of our luggage is the equipment which we have invested on for the recording of our experiences. We started with a simple camera which was soon replaced by a more reliable one, later on we added an action camera, a gimbal, a drone and as long as technology advances and we can afford it, we will keep on updating these invaluable tools that allow us to keep our trips alive.