Travel Tips


Are you thinking of travelling abroad or within the borders? We are giving you some advice so that you save money and time while you are getting ready for your trip but also when you reach your destination.

Credit cards

A lot of credit cards charge you 2% or 3% extra for each purchase while you are abroad, especially when you buy in a different currency. To avoid that, make sure the credit card you are using does not charge you for each of your transactions.

Meet the locals

Don’t be caught in the touristy traps. Don’t hesitate to approach and talk to locals. They know better where the best places to eat and stay are.

Discounts for special groups

Many popular destinations such as stadiums, theme parks and museums offer a discount to seniors, children, students or uniformed. For this reason, always have your identity card with you.


Most airports have duty-free shops with good offers. Take advantage of them and do some last-minute shopping. Mind you, liquids and drinks bought at the duty-free shops can be taken in the airplane cabin but not in your next flight if you have a transit.

Local products

Local products will in all probability be cheaper. Choose local food and drinks and save money.


Choose to go on foot where you want to go if the distance is not far and the weather is good. Enjoy your walk, the sights and take pictures.

Night trains and night flights

If you are planning to travel a long distance, choose to travel during the night so as to save the money of your stay. It would be a good idea to have a travel pillow, earplugs or even a sleeping mask if light annoys you.

Have breakfast at the hotel

If your hotel reservation includes breakfast, eat more than you would normally do at home. It will both give you energy and it will save you the time of looking for something to eat while you are exploring the place.

Moreover, many restaurants have different rates earlier in the evening. After all, it is healthier to eat something light for dinner.

Flight flexibility

Book your flights on days that prices are lower. Usually Wednesday is the day you can find the best rates while Sunday is usually the most expensive.

Hostels and apartments

Another clever way to save money is to choose a hostel or a locally owned apartment instead of a hotel. There you can find offers, free wi-fi and sometimes breakfast. Mind you the extra charges for linen and bed covers as well as extra cleaning charges.

Travel guides

Before setting off, make sure you study printed or online travel guides or information on the internet regarding ways of transportation, restaurants, sights and shopping in your destination. You can save a lot of money using the public means of transport instead of a taxi.

Car hire

Another way to save money is to hire a car on the internet after booking your flight. The earlier, the better. Beware of extra charges for insurance, winter tires, excess kilometers.

Hotels and ratings

The hotel rating system is not the same in every country. Before booking a hotel, make sure that the room you have chosen will offer you everything you need by reading previous guests’ reviews.

Long flights

Many airlines, especially low budget ones, charge food very high. The best you can do is bring a snack or a sandwich from home to eat during the flight.

Ticket prices

Do not book the first ticket you find. Check the price of the same flight in many different websites and also in the airline’s website itself to make sure you get the best rate.


If possible, try not to exchange money at the airport because exchange rates there are especially high. It is advisable to exchange your money in a bank or in an exchange office in the city center.

Hand luggage and luggage on the airplane

To make sure you are not charged extra for your checked-in luggage, put your heavier shoes and clothes in your hand luggage. Alternatively, you can put on your heavier pieces of clothing. Be careful, each airline has different size and weight standards.

Indirect flights

Yes, indirect flights have their drawbacks but they save you a lot of money.

Souvenirs and local products

When we travel we usually buy souvenirs for us or for our friends and relatives. Instead of buying products from an expensive touristy shop, go for local super markets where you will surely find interesting presents at lower prices.

Mobile phones and charges

When travelling in the E.U. charges are now the same as in Greece. Your talk, sms and data programme is valid in any E.U country. Deactivate roaming if you are travelling to countries which do not belong in the E.U. It is advisable to buy a new sim card of a local phone company in the country you are visiting.